Special Educational Needs Therapist

Job Description

Therapists will report to the lead therapist.  As special educational needs therapist you will work under the supervision of the lead therapist or assigned team member, carrying our individualised one-to-one programmes and group activities with children affected by a special educational need. Special educational needs therapists will be required to provide updates and reports of the child progress, and feedback to parents and line managers.

Training opportunities will be made available to therapists, to ensure they can meet the needs of the children they work with and can understand the theoretical perspectives that underpin the work they are conducting.

As part of the therapist role, administrative duties will need to be completed pertaining to session updates and report writing.  In addition, therapist will need to support the work of the staff members carrying out assessments and develop and create resources.

A high standard of verbal and written communication is necessary in order to adequately keep schools, families and the wider community up to date on the range of services BBTC offers.

Person Specification


First class Psychology graduate or Child Development-related degree

Must have a minimum of 2 years experience working with children with neurodevelopmental conditions and other special educational needs

Have knowledge and understanding of the methods used to support children with special educational needs

Clear understanding of the underpinning theory to practice

Commitment to at least 1 year of work with Building Blocks Therapy Centre

Excellent interpersonal skills

Ability to work independently

Competent IT skills

Excellent organisational and time management skills

Have an understanding of the importance of inclusion and inclusive learning

Have a strong understanding of typical child development

Promote equality for all in and outside of the workplace



Knowledge of current UK legislation, including the ECM framework and Children and Families Act

Ability to travel outside of the UK



Regular in-house training opportunities

Opportunities for progression



In your application, please state whether you are applying to one of the following:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Cairo, Egypt


Depending on experience.

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