We pride ourselves for being experts when working with pupils with Autism. We are firm believers of using a holistic, multidisciplinary child centred approach

Behavioural modification along with the development of speech, language and communication being the aim, we enter the child/adults world with all their specific needs. A holistic approach entails taking the child as they are, understanding the child, and giving the child the therapy that is right for this specific child. We believe in accepting the child’s behaviours, and helping the child learn the tools they will need in life. We understand that the child may stim, and if stimming is affecting the child’s life, we help your child learn new alternatives that may reduce their stimming. We believe that once we enter their worlds, we are able to access them and help them.

For all new clients, we are currently offering a free trial session for you to have an understanding of our sessions!

We have a large range of programmes, which will all be personalised to your child’s needs. Initially, for Autism cases we will likely recommend the: Enter My World Programme©. For more information about it please do contact us. We will however recommend the right programme for your child, if you require more information just drop us an email or call us directly!

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is usually diagnosed by the age of 3. 
However, early signs of autism may be detected. BBTC conducts a number of assessments (which will be recommended to your specific case), please book your consultation and assessment to get the process started. 

The process of assessments process:

  1. Meetings (up to 15 minutes FREE via skype or face to face)
  2. Consultation [here you will discuss the case and the consultant will recommend the assessments needed, you are able to do the assessment on the same day]
  3. Assessment [the recommended assessment will be conducted, after the assessment the report will be processed]
  4. Follow-up Consultation [this can be conduced in clinic or via phone or Skype. Here you will discuss the assessment report, and the therapy programme will be created for your child’s / pupil’s specific case]

All children / pupils with Autism are different, with different beautiful personalities that stand out from each other. However, there may be some overlaps within their behavioural abilities and disabilities. Most pupils with Autism may generally have developmental delays in their: 

  • Social Interaction
  • Communication and Behaviour
  • Repetitive and Restricted Behaviour and Interests

Some children/pupils with Autism will have limited to no speech and may require
alternative and augmentative forms of communication.

The process of assessments process:

This meetings is conducted via skype or face to face and will last for up to 15 minutes FREE of charge.

Please watch this great example of the beautiful and incredible journey Seif has embarked with BBTC. We would like to confirm that we have the full consent from Seif’s parents to display this view.

*We are Makaton friendly. As part of our services, we are able use Makaton with the children and families we work with. We are also able to assist parents with Aupair services.*For more information about this service please contact us here:
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