Down Syndrome


We provide speech support for children who may have difficulties expressing themselves, or formulating sounds and words. Our multidisciplinary approach allows the child to learn and flourish through investigating, creating, and imagination. We work on fine motor skills, through art. We work on gross motor skills, through play. We want your child to enjoy their journey, because therapy can be fun! Some of the recommended programmes: Enter My World©, I Can©,  Let’s Create©, Let’s Play© , I Hear I See©, Let’s Talk©, I Sparkle©, Let’s Explain©.

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Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder which can be detected during the first or second trimester of pregnancy, and the child will usually have both mental and physical traits. Most children with Downs Syndrome will have distinctive facial features. Children with Down Syndrome may also have vision and hearing impairments.

*We are Makaton friendly. As part of our services, we are able use Makaton with the children and families we work with. We are also able to assist parents with Aupair services.*For more information about this service please contact us here:

Please contact us to arrange a meeting for a presentation that will enable you to gain a detailed understanding about our programme and how it can be applied to your child.